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Meet Dr. Sammy Oberg

Chiropractor Dr. Sammy Oberg
Dr. Sammy Oberg has a unique passion for educating and empowering families to live a life full of health and abundance. It is her goal to help people reach and maintain their peak potential through chiropractic and healthier lifestyle choices. She loves to educate her patients about how the body is innately designed to heal itself from the inside out when given the proper environment to do so.

The Personal Path to Chiropractic

Dr. Sammy was led to chiropractic after she began getting adjusted at the age of twelve. She was in studio and competitive dance and began having neck pain and also ended up with a knee injury. Through her chiropractic care both of these things fully resolved but even more than that, she also experienced an increase in overall health and noticed that her body started to function better. Her chiropractic adjustments improved her allergies and asthma to a point where she was able to stop relying on her daily allergy medication and inhalers. After this experience, her eyes were opened to the power of a chiropractic adjustment and the positive impact of removing interference from the nervous system. She knew that she wanted to pursue chiropractic to help others achieve their optimal health too.

Pediatric and Prenatal

With her passion for pediatric and prenatal care, she pursued additional post-graduate education and training through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and she is also certified in the Webster Technique (a treatment for breech pregnancies). Dr. Sammy loves working with women pre-conception through birth and beyond to help them have comfortable and positive pregnancies as well as birth experiences. She has a strong desire to educate and empower women about their choices throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She finds great joy in providing resources to help moms navigate their journey and advocate for themselves. In addition to pregnancy, Dr. Sammy has experience in treating patients of all ages ranging from newborns just a few days old to people in their 90’s.

Life Outside of Practice

When she is not in the clinic, you can find Dr. Sammy with her husband, John, and their daughter, Emma. As a family, they love spending time together going for walks with their dog, Chief, as well as exploring new places and restaurants. They find their haven is summertime at the cabin.

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