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Meet Dr. Annie Mickelson

Chiropractor Farmington, Dr. Annie MickelsonRaised in a chiropractic family, Farmington chiropractor Dr. Annie Mickelson knew she was destined be a chiropractor at just five years old. Years of watching her father transform lives through natural, holistic means inspired her to follow in his footsteps and continue to promote health from the inside out.

Through observation and personal experience, Dr. Annie knew she was destined to help people live healthier lives. Remaining steadfast on her path to becoming a chiropractor, Dr. Annie was the valedictorian of her doctoral program. She holds herself to an equally high standard when it comes to the care of her patients.

“Chiropractic Changed My Life”

As a child, Dr. Annie was involved in a horse accident with her sister that left her pain-ridden and uncertain of her future. It was only after conducting x-rays that her father determined that the fall almost caused her to break her neck and luckily was able to intervene. Without his chiropractic expertise, Dr. Annie believes her condition may have gone undiscovered and resulted in devastating, long-lasting effects. To this day, she is grateful for the art of chiropractic and believes it saved her life.

Education and Accreditations

Dr. Annie has completed both EPIC and Winner’s Edge training as well as education in neurology and personal injury. Additionally, she is an ACA member and has been an Rotarian since 2013. Dr. Annie’s dedication to her patients and ongoing practice of consulting and coaching recently earned her the Minnesota Monthly 2018 Best Chiropractor award.

Dr. Annie's 3 sonsLife Outside the Practice

Originally from Wisconsin, Dr. Annie has been a Minnesotan for 18 years and currently resides in Lakeville with her husband Matt, three sons Cruz, Chase & Dylan, as well as her dogs Gus and Gordy. When she is not busy in the office, she enjoys traveling as well as spending time with her friends and family.

Dr. Annie thrives on the knowledge and inspiration she has gained through visiting over 18 different countries, many of which were with her church as a professional singer.

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